How We Transformed a Cannabis Marketplace with Strategic Link Building: A 24-Month Success Story

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Client's Background

The Journey Starts in April 2022

The Client belongs to the highly competitive Cannabis Niche, and website was newly launched in Jan 2022.

In a highly competitive online landscape, a cannabis marketplace approached us with a formidable challenge: establish their online presence from scratch and drive substantial organic traffic to their platform.

With no prior visibility in search engine results and zero backlinks, our mission was clear: implement a comprehensive link building strategy to propel their business to the forefront of the cannabis market.

What was the Challenge?

At the onset of our partnership, the client's website faced an uphill battle for visibility. With no organic keywords, links, or traffic, our challenge was twofold: not only did we need to establish their presence in search engine results, but we also needed to ensure that the traffic generated would translate into tangible business value for the client.

Our Link Building Strategy

Deep Website Audit

We began by conducting a thorough audit of the client's website to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for optimization.

SWOT Analysis

Leveraging insights from the audit, we pinpointed the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities inherent in the client's website and market niche.

Competitor Analysis

By analyzing competitor strategies, we gained valuable insights into keywords and backlink opportunities that the client could leverage to gain a competitive edge.

Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

In the initial phase, we targeted long-tail keywords with high search volume to establish a strong foundation for organic growth.

Shifting Focus to Commercial Keywords

As the campaign progressed, we transitioned our focus to commercial and transactional keywords to drive conversions and revenue.

Diversified Link Building

Throughout the campaign, we maintained a diverse link building strategy, prioritizing high-authority websites with genuine traffic and domain authority to ensure the quality and relevance of backlinks.

Results After 24 Months:

Organic Keywords

Organic keywords increased from whopping 0 to 32000.

Total Backlinks Built

Total Backlinks built in last 24 months.

Organic Keywords in Top 10

970 New organic keywords featured in top 3 search results.

Keywords in TOP 3 For Search Terms with 80+ K.D

We ranked our client for more than 400 keywords in top 3 with keyword difficulty of 80+

Total Traffic

Total Traffic increased from 0 to 91000 in 24 months.

$ 0
Total Traffic Value

Total traffic value moves from $0 to $22400.