SaaS Marketing Strategy 101: An Ultimate Guide For New Users

  • February 8, 2024
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The value of the SAAS market was assessed to be at 176.62 billion dollars in 2022, as per Statista report. This value is anticipated to increase by 17.5% and stand at 208.1 billion dollars in 2024. The market is growing every day, expanding to reach unlimited heights. Additionally, businesses will keep turning to SAAS services to fulfill their needs. You haven’t even started your business and must build a SaaS marketing strategy to stand out. 

So, where do new users stand in this market? Although the expansion may be a positive sign, new SAAS businesses excited to begin their journey can find the beginning overwhelming and challenging.

To facilitate this process, we have designed an ultimate guide to discussing all the necessary information to help you build a perfect marketing plan. 

SaaS as Business Model:

The SaaS business model has become an efficient way of delivering low-cost service per the customer’s requirement. Moreover, business is increasing their investment in cloud assets, which makes the market competitive and more innovative. Therefore, using the SaaS Marketing Strategy can increase product sales and profit with your competitors.

SaaS Marketing Strategy 101: An Ultimate Guide For New Users | Outreach Empress

The SaaS business model has become a popular option for every start-up business and entrepreneur. Also, it doesn’t require any large investment to start the business. Without additional costs, the consumer can use the service to increase the capital value in the global market. Some of the major benefits are,

  • Cost efficient
  • Greater Scalability
  • Customer acquisition process
  • Price & Payment methods
  • Consumer retention strategies
  • Technical & technology support

Understanding Saas Marketing And How It Differs From Traditional Marketing

Building a SaaS or software as a service lacks any investment in maintaining hardware or other resources. This is because it features an on-demand service or software that users can access with the help of the internet. Although this cuts the cost of starting a new business, it raises another issue. 

How will you market something intangible? 

If you are new to SaaS, this thought certainly popped into your head. Marketing of traditional businesses is simple. You build a tangible product, market and advertise it to sell and gain revenue. However, doing the same for a SaaS business is not possible.

This is why marketing for SaaS includes developers to support staff and marketers to come together and build a robust and profitable marketing plan. This plan is made using various marketing strategies. For example, a famous SaaS marketing strategy could be free trials, content marketing, customer retention, etc. 

Unlike traditional marketing, SaaS involves a sales process that is longer due to the longer interaction process. Some SaaS organizations must invest their time in building trust with their customers or providing them with all the necessary details regarding their service. 

Saas’s marketing strategy is not just about selling a product. The stage after selling makes or breaks a company’s profit. To not decrease the churn rate and maintain the subscribers, a SaaS company must work on its resources, refine customer services, and make singing up simple and short. 

Importance Of Saas Marketing Strategy 

AMR (Allied Market Research) says that by 2030 the market for SaaS will amount to 702.19 billion dollars. This unparalleled growth equals unparalleled market competition. A novice in such an environment requires a powerful and productive SaaS marketing strategy. 

Saas products may differ but are also built for a particular audience. As a saas company, you must look for leads and convert them into potential customers. Marketing is the only way you can create awareness about your software. Moreover, it will evoke curiosity and desire in users to purchase or subscribe to your offerings.

To help you further understand why you need SaaS marketing strategy, here are some of the reasons:

The Only Solution

Other businesses have various options when it comes to marketing and employ digital marketing when looking for more opportunities. However, with saas marketing strategy, digital is the only solution as your service or product is also digital. 

Your product cannot be bought at a supermarket. It is software designed to be utilized by people needing technological solutions. Therefore, to promote your software as a service, you require a sales marketing strategy to make your product shine for the users to notice.

Gain The Attention Of Your Prospective

The very goal for any new user or business is to find and convince individuals that your service is exactly what they have been searching for. Saas marketing helps find individuals willing to subscribe to or purchase your services or products. 

To build your customers, you need to find leads. A SaaS marketing strategy can help you gain the attention of potential buyers. You can connect with these leads, turn them into buyers, and persuade them to complete your desired action.

But you’re mistaken if you think it ends here. As said earlier, you will need SAAS marketing for the longest time, even after the purchase. This is a never-ending process. Even after you have located your leads and converted them into a prospect. Or attain a good subscriber base; SAAS marketing is a continuous process. As a SaaS Business, you can also opt for a SaaS link building agency to generate leads for your business.

Keep Your Customers Satisfied

As we said earlier, persuading potential buyers to subscribe to your software is not the last stage in SAAS’s marketing strategy. The revenue gained by the SaaS businesses is from the existing customers. This indicates that customers are meant to stay with you for a long time. 

As important as it is to find new leads and grow your customer base, it is equally important to pay attention to your existing clients. As a result, you need to keep your subscribers satisfied with your software and services. 

To ensure that they continue to use it, you need to leave a positive impression on your users with the intention that they will time and again come back to reuse your services or product. 

Contributes To Building Awareness For your Business

Did you know that 99% of businesses in 2021 were expected to incorporate a minimum of 1 saas product? Moreover, in 2022, 86% of all companies were said to be moving all their software to SAAS. These numbers are indeed exciting but frightening for someone new to this world.

A major portion of all software is SaaS, which is said to grow enormously in the coming future. All this growth is fascinating until you are a provider since this refers to extreme competition. 

You do not have to worry if you have a product that has the properties to stand out, is completely fresh, and is designed to fulfill a specific group’s needs. However, if you have none, it is time to work on your SaaS marketing strategy from day one. 

The truth is even if you can design a product that no one has thought of before, it is a matter of time before you will start having competitors. So to protect your leads, you need marketing to make your business a brand. 

The end goal of SAAS marketing strategy is that everyone knows your name and helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Starting With Saas Marketing Strategy

We understand you are a new user, and the beginning is always scary. Therefore, to give you a push and help you start, here are a few things you can take your first step with. 

Who Is Your Buyer?

You may dream of finding your leads, converting them to prospects, and building your subscriber base with your perfect SaaS marketing strategy. However, the real question is- Who are these potential buyers? Who are you planning on selling your services to? 

If you have a clear idea, well and good. If you already have a certain number to start with, investigate the customers that bring you the most profit and the customers that require the least effort. 

Further, check whether they share similarities in their attributes, industry, and demographics. You can also review the ICP or ideal customer profile to find which customers are most valuable and which no longer generate revenue. 

If you lack a client base or are new to SaaS, it is best to define your audience. Then, conduct detailed research regarding your market and identify your ideal buyer. 

What Is Your Competition?

Identifying your buyer is not enough; you need to know who you are against to survive in the industry. When studying your competition, you will eventually figure out what works best and further enhance your SaaS marketing strategy. Therefore, looking at your competition’s method before building yourself one is best.

Stay updated with their social accounts if you want to learn about their strategies. Further, please submit your email to receive their marketing content. Look at how they post and what they publish. Check whether they rank for your desired keywords. Also, see if they utilize other media, such as podcasts. 

By analyzing your competition, you can pick a point they might have missed or lacked and utilize it to improve your strategy.

What Is Your Goal?

Whether you are looking forward to increasing the number of subscribers, decreasing the churning rate, or boosting your revenue, you need to have a goal. It could be long-term or short-term. This will give you an idea of what you should expect from your SaaS marketing strategy.  

Now that you have done your research let’s get started with the real stuff. 

Effective Marketing Strategies For Making Your Saas Successful

5.07 billion is the number of users that actively utilize the internet today. This is more than half of the world’s current population. We are talking about these numbers because it is evident how we are moving forward with the digital world. 

Businesses today are inclining their interest in the digital market. Why? Because every user is a potential customer, you only need the right product to approach them. And this is what the SAAS industry is doing. They are building software for solutions for a range of people in need. 

However, building tools do not facilitate connectivity. Effective SaaS marketing strategy is the key to the success of your SaaS products and services. We have learned about the importance of building a marketing plan. To help you find the best SaaS marketing strategy, we have listed a bunch that will make your offering stand out from the rest.

Begin With Content Marketing 

New users can start with their SaaS marketing strategy by learning about the essentials. This means beginning with what essentially makes your whole business, the content. Content is the magical key if you are interested in defining your business’s position in the market. 

The element is the simplest and yet the most difficult. Everything, including blog posts, podcasts, case studies, posts on your social accounts, and books, makes up your content. Creating quality content can be a task, but once you master it, there is no stopping.

Several strategies in marketing come and go, but the content is to stay. Almost everyone in marketing agrees with that. It can make your brand known in the industry and attract the right audience. The best part about content is you can invite your audience and make them stay and inform them about your message, goals, and services.

But do not mistake quality for self-promotion. Good content is general and informative and helps your users learn more. Marketing is an art; you can only improve with practice. Try to make relevant content, and understand what your audience wants and likes. 

Invest In Search Engine Optimization 

We have repeatedly stated that the market is only growing, with more than 30K saas companies worldwide. Competition is no joke, and you need to face it head-on. Investing in SEO or search engine optimization is one way to do this. 

In all likelihood, your audience is keen on browsing and searching for products or services they want to use or can benefit from. Thus, it is essential to position yourself on the top of the search engines to attract their attention and be noticeable. This is possible with a strong SEO saas marketing strategy.

SEO is like a domino tile game. When you have strategically set the tiles, aka invested in all the right SEO tactics, you can lead one result to another. This means you can increase your organic traffic once you have gained a higher position on the SERPs or search engine results pages. 

Good traffic will ensure that more and more customers are aware of your service. You can target your intended audience if your SEO plan is partnered with content marketing. What’s next? You can find your potential buyers and encourage them to sign up for your services. This will help build your brand’s authority. 

But as fascinating and amazing as it sounds, SEO requires a lot of patience. But once you notice the results, there is no turning back.

Give Free Product Trials

Free. You heard us. Everyone loves free things, especially when it comes to trying new products. As a user, you can understand how intimidating signing up for a tool you know nothing about can be. A great way to let your users decide how they feel about your services is by giving them a free trial.

Product trials are fruitful and crucial in generating sales marketing leads. Targeting individuals who are good with technology can effectively use this offer. It also allows them to test your services before making a purchase. 

Additionally, this strategy requires you to invest less. This is because there is no extra production cost, as you offer the same services to every potential user. This will help you to grow leads. 

Product trials are crucial in deciding whether your user will purchase to keep using your services. Thus, during this trial period, ensure that your users have a good time using your services. In addition, make sure that you offer support to help them tackle any usability issues. 

Further, stay in touch with your audience. Stay updated on clients who are potential buyers of your product. A product trial is not enough; you must persuade your audience to upgrade their subscription to a paid version. Encourage your users to be aware of what the premium users are getting. 

Provide Flexibility In Price 

As much as everyone loves free trials, they hate spending on something they will never use. Regardless of the numerous advanced features you offer, a user can only use a few or needs your software for a specific use. 

The most effective SAAS marketing strategy for your business is offering your users a flexible plan for pricing. This makes your product more appealing to the users and has the possibility of turning them into regular customers. What is more? You can offer discounts on these pricing plans to entice your potential customers. 

Create Referral Programs

Another part of your SaaS marketing strategy is a referral program. Individuals tend to trust a product that is referred to them by their relatives or friends. A referral program uses this fact to help you find your target market, gain leads, and increase your subscribers. 

This is done by asking your customers or businesses to recommend your SaaS solution to others by giving them a discount or some commission. This program is also known as an affiliate program. 

Utilise Pay Per Click Campaigns

Favored by many, PPC is an excellent SaaS marketing strategy. Regardless of if you are doing good in SEO, pay-per-click gives you immense benefits. In addition, unlike your traditional advertising methods for digital platforms, PPC is budget-friendly. 

When building a PPC ad campaign, ascertain that it showcases the basic benefit of using the product while also promising to fulfill a particular need. Your paid ad must deliver how your product can help your customer’s pains. 

To have a successful PPC campaign and target the right audience, do it with the help of SEO. This will place the right keywords in your PPC to rank you at the top. 

Generate An Email List 

The sales process is longer when it comes to marketing your SAAS product. One way to keep your potential buyers in touch is by creating an email list. You can update your audience regarding the latest services you have to offer and other things related to your products. 

Emails are a great way to bring attention to your products with a future possibility of them making a purchase. In addition, by getting people to subscribe to your emails, you can send them regular updates and information regarding what they may miss. 

To collect your target audience’s email, you can use various methods. Essentially, it can be through website visits. Once they provide you with their email, it can be a part of your email list. This SaaS marketing strategy will provide qualified leads you can turn into customers. 

Making Use Of Social Media 

If there is one SaaS marketing strategy that you can effectively use to its full potential, it is social media marketing. Your digital product requires a tool that will boost its promotion. Social networking sites are the best solution for interacting effectively with potential buyers and customers.

The best way to make people aware of your SaaS is by creating a presence on social media. Today, billions of people are active users of various social networking sites. Therefore, you can begin by choosing the platform with a large number of your target audience.  

What is best about these sites is they offer you a bunch of tools for marketing your software as a service. They also help you target your choice of audience. Building a strong online presence will help you be visible to potential clients. Make sure to utilize every platform effectively and interact with your audience. 

Several businesses are utilizing these platforms today to build stronger connections with their customers and actively respond to their queries and problems. 

Types of SaaS Companies on the market:

SaaS companies come under two categories which depend on business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). Using these two strategies, entrepreneurs or companies can invest money in cloud assets for better profit and gain more customers.

Business to Consumer (B2C):

Business to Consumer (B2C) is the company selling its software or service directly to the consumer instead of other businesses as intermediates. They offer software services online and mobile applications to their customer. The subscription payment method allows customers to use the service and pay monthly and annually. They also offer the service on free trials with essential features on it.

Business to Business (B2B):

Business to Business (B2B) is a company that sells software and services directly to other businesses. It also includes the subscription payment method, accessed through the internet. They also offer several services like management and resources services. In addition, they are designed to be more effective and flexible enough. The service is highly focused on the specific needs of every business.


Plunging straight into the world of SAAS or software as a service and finding that you need to start building yourself a Saas marketing strategy can be frightening. Therefore, with the assistance of the above guide, we hope you now have the correct information to build a successful SAAS business. In addition, you can now efficiently choose the best strategy that suits your business needs. 

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